Extremely Compact Chair and Table Set








10 Responses

  1. I want one,
    Are you puting them in production

  2. I wish I could… however, I found this and thought it was fantastic. I don’t know where to buy one!

  3. If anyone knows where these can be found, or how to contact the inventor, PLEASE contact me. I am working on a new panel-based quiz show, and a segment of the show focuses on revealing amazingly practical objects that look weird/like something else at first. The style of the round is multiple choice, and we reveal the use at the end. Great exposure on a big channel.


  4. holy crap. how “space-smart”

  5. Why not search in google, they are about $2999

    search wicker stacking chairs
    or Golf Stacked chairs for the one that looks like a ball

  6. Now I know Youre Amazing, Great Visions

  7. ..,who invented this?.,
    ..,please respond.

  8. http://www.allmodern.com/Nuevo-HGGA572-NVO1014.html

    You can find a bunch of designs here.

  9. I like this post, really nice.

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