What people do to their bodies

Fad or For Real

by JR- brainlessworld.net

What people are doing to their bodies for the sake of their own individual perception of beauty, has taken on more than just a mere fad status, but a full blown epidemic.

The latest in body piercing is corset piercing. It consists of a row of loops, pierced down the back on both sides. Ribbons are laced through and tied as the original corset of olden days. Ribbons range from narrow to wide and offered in various colors and textures. Girls are having corset piercing done for proms, and others add the corset adornment to their already, prominent display of tattoos and body piercing collection.

What started as ear piercing, advanced to nose piercing and belly button piercing, then soon escalated to eyebrow piercing, lip and tongue piercing, and as far down the human body to genital piercing, including nipples.

That was an outrage to the older generation who forgot that they, themselves, once swallowed live goldfish.

How is this body alteration any different from the Lizard Man, who is going through his own body modification, transformation project?

People were in awe of him when he first appeared on television, showcasing a split tongue. He now proudly shows off filed teeth sharpened to points, a scalp tattoo, eyelid tattooing, tongue tattoo with a split tongue as mentioned, feet tattooing, X tattooing by the infamous Spider Webb tattoo artist, lip tattoo, fingertip tattooing, and ear tattooing. Of course his entire body is almost entirely covered in tattoos now.

The latest craze before corset piercing was the skin implants, which didn’t stick around too long in the fad era due to its higher risk of infection and problems. But then again, many people didn’t have problems and there’s always someone that believes they won’t either.

With the average, younger generation of today, that are adorning numerous ears piercings, eyebrows, nose, lip, tongue, nipples, genital, the new corset piercing for women (and men won’t be far behind with a male version, I’m sure), tattooing every spot imagineable on the body from scalp to toes.. all that is left for them to do to themselves, is modifications like the original Lizard Man.

Soon, we won’t be able to recognize the humans from the reptiles, or whatever animal they choose to mimick.





16 Responses

  1. Just for the record, historically speaking, nose piercings and belly button piercings have been around for a very long time, you make it sound like they were invented within the last few decades.

  2. im 13 and i have 24 ear piercing and three belly pierings and only 1 neck piercing with 8 tatoos. i count myself beautiful. cause piercing to me is beautiful. i dun care waht ppl say caouse its oue own wish. i like him. his tounge is hawtt.

  3. 13 is way too young for such crap!

  4. Instead of being so appalled about what people do to their own bodies, worry about what’s really important: like family and living life the way YOU want to live it.
    So some people are putting holes in their bodies and tattooing themselves, so what? They aren’t harming you or your loved ones. If it’s so disgusting to you, you don’t have to look.

  5. Firstly, I agree with what Dezz said. I have plain boring old ear piercings the sort most people’s grandma’s have, and to be fair, I wouldn’t want to do most of that stuff to myself, but for god’s sake, what other people want to do to themselves is their own business, you make it sound like it’s some discusting form of self harm. Wearing a nice pair of earrings is only the same as putting some make up on as far as I can see and where’s the difference between that and a tongue piercing or corset piercing or whatever they want to do. Personally, maybe 13 is too young to make some decisions. Like tattoos ‘cuz they’re irreversible and you don’t want to be stuck with something forever that you won’t always like, but that’s why there’s an age limit on it [in the uk at least]. I’d reccommend chilling out and if you’re going to protest about something, protest about an important issue. I certainly don’t think the lizard man’s hot, but each to their own… And by the way I’m 17 and beleive me it’s not like you’re pressured into things like this… they’re just availlable. I’ve been tempted by a belly button piercing from time to time and who’s to say I won’t get one, but that’s as far as I’ve ever thought. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, after all, so perhaps you should be less quick to judge about something so superficial.

  6. I’m 21 and I have 18 piercings, not to look different, cool or attractive- I was all of those before lol, just kidding. I can comfortably accept why people may see it as hideous and freaky. I’m often asked why I have them and why so many- to be honest I don’t know, its just something I’m interested in; like why some people like Pepsi and some Coke. Why some people are gay, we can’t help what we like and we shouldn’t be made to feel awkward about liking what we do; unless its homicide and drug abuse, obviously. What if everyone was pierced, would it be weird not to have them? Would the people without body mods be the weirdos? We live in an age where we can change gender, whats a few bits of metal stuck to someones face eh? Won’t be long till we can change species and pierce our eyeballs.

  7. What happens when 13 turns into 31 and you wish you didn’t have the tats and all those piercings?

  8. like Dezz said, if people end up regretting it, that is their own fault. people make decisions about their own bodies, no one is chasing you down with a needle and a tattoo gun, so who cares what people decide to do with their own bodies. tattoos and piercings stem from religions created long long long before Christianity and all of these religions that say body art is wrong. so who’s to judge? everyone should be allowed to use their body as a canvas (or not) however they please.

  9. if people are going to be ignorant enough to argue the point being made, dont say anything at all. because all body are has been around for more than a few decades. people abuse it, and it’s sad. by getting tattooes just for the hell of it, if it doesnt have meaning…it doesnt make sense to brand yourself. and as for piercings, surface piercings come from all kinds of different cultures, but those cultures have ways to take care of them, i’ve seen so many that have rejected and left ugly scares…it’s pathetic.

  10. I have to say I agree with the above with regards to the fact that what people do to themselves is really their business, what I do have to say though is, what these weird exhibitionists are really doing, they do for the attention that they get lets face it, no one really takes any notice of odd piercings here and there they are part of the norm, but to tatoo yourself from head to foot, tatoos and slicings etc to your body is nothing short of mutilation, or if you like self harm, why oh why would any normal human being want to look like a lizard come on, can you see his kids (god forbid) being proud of their dad in years to come, when all their friends point and laugh. He and others like him are not different they are insane and require some form of counselling, you get it on nhs for self harming, this in my opinion is no different. it most definately is not the rational behaviour of someone who wants to work in society or be a responsible adult is it.

  11. […] Tom Leppard Reintegrates Himself Back Into Society I’ve heard of this guy before, both in a documentary on television and in seeing pictures of him the last time I visited a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I’m sorry, but although his body is covered with leopard print tattoos, he’s got nothing on the Lizard Man. […]

  12. I Mean Im 15 and I have around 8 about to be nine piercings. But I sorta worried what people would think of me and then i thought. What does it matter, you know, be your self! Thats what MOST of the people Are Doing it, If They get something and regret it, than thats there fault. So worry About yourself And Not EVERYBODY else.

  13. Mentally deficient douchebags.
    Get help, not pierced.

  14. Why does people think that people that get a piercing or two need help? Im 21, and i have some tattoos, have had a couple of piercings, one left a scar, but I don’t care. Im perfectly normal in every way possible. This is just the way for people too express them selfs nowadays. And you who say that when you get old you are going to look like a freak! No!! We’re not. Everyone else is going to have tattoos when their older too. I love tattoos, I don’t know why. I have 7 and planning to get maany more, including a big backpiece.

    I don’t see why people care so much about this. The lizard man is over the top i know, but why do you care what theese people do to their own body? If it is a kind of selfmutilation? Isn’ it better that they do this than cutting themselfs? How about corsets? wasn’t that a kind of self mutilation? It was so thight the women could barely breathe, some of them also broke ribs. Faintings, pain! It’s all about beeing beautiful! And for me tattoos and piercings are beautiful!
    What pisses me of is the people that don’t accept that people are different from themself, and even thou they do things you would never ever do yourself, they are still normal people, just not quite like you!

  15. touranidiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. They’re saying that people like Lizard man might actually need help because of their craving attention the way they do. They’re not doing it because they believe they have a lizard spirit in them or simply because they love lizards. They do it because they crave attention. It’s really no different from other extreme things people will do to get attention. So why the need to exclude this from all of that? Come on now where did they say that having a piercing here and there or tattoo here and there made them a freak etc? They’re talking about people like the lizard man who do it not for the sake of beauty but to get notoriety, attention and fame. But hey I think that’s the case but I’m not one to exclude different acts less I get labeled by you as someone who’s trying to say you’re not normal. Ugh stop trying to project how you feel about yourself onto others..

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