My Penis and I


(By Peter Vincent, reviewer- November 29, 2007)

The only problem with this doco, which asks why men are obsessed with the size of their penises, is that the focus is too narrow – although the length is about right.

There is plenty of interesting stuff here: did you know that in ancient Greece small was considered beautiful and having a big willy marked you as an uncultured lout?

The presenter, Lawrence Barraclough, uses some novel techniques to get his point across, such as pacing the high street wearing a sandwich board emblazoned with the message: “I want to talk about penises.”

When that approach fails to get people talking, he starts a campaign on YouTube asking men to “snap their chaps”, using the supplied mug shots for an exhibition that shows how many weird and wonderful shapes and sizes are lurking in Britain’s Y-fronts.

Barraclough is endearingly honest – at times excruciatingly so, such as when he tells a public gathering in London that he has a 9cm willy. This is undoubtedly brave and at times inventive documentary making, although it can come across as therapy on screen.

At the start, Barraclough assures us has come to terms with the size of his pecker (after his first documentary My Penis And I) yet, when he travels to the US to meet Jarrod, who is twice as long as Lawrence but is undergoing surgery because he wants a bazooka between his legs, our host is visibly shaken and admits to contemplating surgery on his own old fella.


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