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  1. where can you buy them from and how much for. im really intreasted in buying 1 for ma mates 16 birthday. she really wants one and i really one 2 get her 1
    xoxbaby me xox
    bey bey

  2. well u can buy them at petshops and (if u live in england london enfield)u can go to edmonton green and next to the pundshop theres a petshop and i got my rabbits from there for 35 pounds and the hutch for35 pounds too so all together it took me 90 pounds coz of the food toys and hay and equipment so there

    woooow there huge but cute LOL

    • Hi, Where is this place in Enfield? I’m moving there soon and after losing my giant rabbit to a fox I’m really looking for anouther giant. Alice was amazing lovely and wonderful and I will never be able to replace her but a second chance with a diferent rabbit will do me good. thanks.

  3. Hi i live in enfield and have been looking for a continental giant for ages, do you know if this pet shop still has any of if anybody else has any? Please let me know!! Thanks a lot x

  4. hi ya i have been look for a continental giant rabbit for ages amd i just wonder if u have any for sale or if u no any one who dose thank you and please write back xxx

  5. Rabbits who are nervous or fear the vacuum cleaner, who tremble in the car, or are older or have health problems would undoubtedly find a plane ride overly stressful. Such an experience could compromise their health-or worse…

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