Pronto Condoms (newest idea: best way to get it on!)


Taken directly from Pronto condom web site

Let’s face it, using an ordinary condom is a real pain in the butt. First, you have to tear the pack open, often using your teeth. Then you have to take the condom out of the pack – this is a slippery business at the best of times. Next, you have to figure out which is the right side up, before you can unroll it. By the time the condom’s on, the mood is halfway out the window… Fortunately, those days are over. Introducing PRONTO, the condom for the new millennium. The PRONTO condom can be applied in a few seconds. And it’s a lot more convenient to use, compared to an ordinary condom. You simply crack the pack open and unroll the condom directly onto the penis. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself, by clicking on the demo:


All of this is made possible by a small plastic applicator, packed inside each foil pouch. When you slide the pack downwards, the applicator allows the condom to unroll by itself. Pretty nifty, don’t you think?

Each condom is manufactured in accordance with stringent international quality standards. This groundbreaking product was developed in South Africa, in conjunction with several international R&D partners. All our condoms are made to SABS standards. Our product is also a recipient of the prestigous SABS Design Institute Prototype Award.

Being a South African invention, we decided to launch the product in South Africa first. Worldwide patents have been secured, and the product will soon be introduced into the global marketplace. Currently, PRONTO is available in Regular, Thin and Ribbed variants.

Despite the added value and obvious benefits, PRONTO condoms are sold at the same price as conventional premium priced condoms. Our extensive R&D efforts have allowed us to manufacture this product very cost-effectively, and we’re passing the full benefit onto you, the end consumer. We want everybody to switch across to PRONTO; it’s as simple as that!


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  1. can you buy these and if ya can then where

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