The Joys of Taxidermy


From Drunken Dialogue/Where Friendship is Only a Bottle of Whiskey Away

So I was discussing funny movies yesterday with a woman who had brain surgery for epilepsy. She herself was funny enough that I mentioned she should consider becoming a comedian and abandon her career as a ballet instructor. Anyway, she related a scene from a movie that she thought was particularly funny:

They were climbing a ladder while she is wearing a skirt. He looks up and says, “Nice beaver!” And she says, “Thanks, I just had it stuffed.”

I had to laugh, and I probably laughed more so since it was a woman telling me this while she herself was laughing. Gotta love a woman with a sexual sense of humor! But I wonder if she would still have been laughing if she heard me muttering, “I’d love to stuff your beaver…”

Which brings up an interesting point about sex with a post-operative patient.

She told me about her recovery after having brain surgery: what she was and was not allowed to do. For example, she could not lift anything weighing more than five pounds. Had I know her better, I would have asked her about sexual do’s and don’ts.

Basically, how vigorously could she have sex after having brain surgery?

Which brings up an interesting point about her becoming a comedian. She has so much material from her experiences in life, but she would have so much more if she also added sex to her comedic repertoire. For example, I could imagine her saying:

Every woman wonders if their man is a stud or a dud in bed, but I never realized I married a total dud until after my brain surgery when I asked my doctor if it would be okay for me to start having sex again. So my doctor eyes my husband closely and said, “With him that would be fine, but not with anyone else.”

She has a wonderful physical presence from her years of ballet training.

I am hoping she enters the fray to become the last comic standing.

With a pirouette no less.

And maybe a stuffed beaver… or two.


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