The Fire Chief and the Sheep

Catching up with that Arizona man who was caught “on the lamb” johnson.jpg

JANUARY 4–An Arizona fire chief was arrested after being found in a compromising position with a neighbor’s lamb.

Leroy Johnson, 52, pleaded guilty late last year to disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to 18 months probation by a Maricopa County judge. As part of a plea agreement (a copy of which you’ll find below), Johnson was barred from owning any animal during his probationary term, though he was “allowed to possess his dog ‘Major’ and two turtles presently at Defendant’s residence.”

As part of the negotiated deal, prosecutors agreed not to file sexual indecency charges against Johnson, who is pictured in the mug shot above. During his September 15 Superior Court sentencing, Johnson was ordered to abstain from drinking and continue attending psychological counseling sessions.

The case’s conclusion came about four months after Johnson’s retirement ceremony at the Mesa Fire Department, where he served as a deputy chief. Pictures from the April 30 event, where Johnson was given a commemorative plaque, a framed fire department seal, and a golden axe, can be found here.

Johnson’s March arrest drew much interest from TSG visitors, many of whom were drawn to a police report which quoted him confessing to his neighbor: “You caught me Alan, I tried to fuck your sheep.” Also, the distribution of the young victim’s photo also drew attention to the Johnson matter. (5 pages)


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