What’s the Deal With Breasts?

Courtney Love’s Breast Kills Dog

Back in 2002 when Courtney Love was on her self-improvement kick, she decided to get her implants removed to go to a more natural and less inflated look. (Apparently, she decided to have her lips inflated instead, but that’s neither here nor there.) But, having lived with the gooshey pouches for so long, Love decided to take them home as souvenirs.

Sadly, her dog mistook the old fun bags as new fun toys – and died after choking on one of them.

Pamela Anderson’s Breast Causes Commotion in Restaurant

Pamela Anderson was enjoying a nice dinner at Da Maurizio restaurant in Halifax when all hell broke loose – or, more correctly, leaked out.

Fellow diners noticed Anderson start shrieking, clutching her right breast, and screaming, “Something popped!” One eyewitness described the scene: “At first I thought she was having a heart attack. But then something started to ooze right into her soup. I’m not sure what it was, but it was pretty gross.”

Indeed. But the sight didn’t deter an attentive restaurant staffer who rushed to the rescue – helpfully proffering a large water glass. Pam’s dining companion, former race car driver Eddy Irvine, shoved said glass under her breast in a futile effort to prop it up and, presumably, to catch any leakage. The pair shuffled out – with Irvine holding the glass under Pam’s golden globe while Pam kept telling him to forget about it.

Following this event, Anderson canceled her appearance as host of the Canadian Music Awards. Her spokesperson explained this was due to “a medical emergency.” The restaurant had no comment on the incident other than to say that “the restaurant is equipped for most, if not all, forms of emergency.”


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