Watch Where You’re Going

Several years back, when people’s main transportation was horse and buggy, a man’s wife had died. He loaded his wife’s casket into the back of the buggy and went up front to drive the horses home.

Being a bit distracted by thoughts of his wife and her death, he was not watching the road too closely. The buggy came upon a covered bridge and the horse, “Ned”, ran straight into the front left side of the bridge.

The coffin fell out the back of the buggy, his wife’s body rolled out of the coffin . . . She sat up, blinked her eyes and asked, “Where am I?”

The man’s wife lived another five years. Then, again, she died. Again the man loaded her coffin in the buggy and headed down the road to go home.

As the buggy started to come upon the same covered bridge, the man was heard to have said, “This time, Ned, watch where you are going.”


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