Stupid Criminals

The muffin mix mailer:
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A woman mailed her parking ticket and payment in with white powder and a nice little note. The note said she hoped that the police got the flu. The white powder fell onto a police officer and caused quite a scare. The white powder just happened to be muffin mix. So why did this woman say she hoped they got the flu? Because before putting it in the envelope she sneezed all over everything. Of course she claims the muffin mix got in there because she done all this in the kitchen. Well accident or not, she did not get away with it. She got community service, a fine and a nice tour of the jail.

Car carrying pot crashes into Highway Patrol Car:
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54 year old man was out cruising in South Carolina and I decided to smash their car into a trooper’s car. Does stupid criminal come to mind? What was this guy thinking? Apparently not much since he was probably too stoned to think. Two troopers had parked their cars in both lanes doing an accident report on an accident that had happened. Then along comes this criminal who has about 43 pounds of pot in his car and crashes it into the trooper’s car. The man gets to be stoned, stupid, and arrested.

Housewife sentenced to 16 years for stabbing husband:
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This one doesn’t sound like it should fit into stupid people in the news but it does. This woman fits in more ways than one. She fired her attorneys and tried to represent herself. In a trail like this, you would have to be stupid to represent yourself without any legal training. Her husband had been her psychotherapist . He had treated her in therapy when she was 14. She went nuts while testifying and had spoke about having psychic powers.

Some people just keep proving the point that one should never underestimate the power of stupid people.


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