Hello world!

brainlessworld.net Welcome to Brainlessworld!

We will go live on http://brainlessworld.net when up and running in the next few days. In the meantime, this is our hotel room until the moving vans arrive.

Brainlessworld is all about stupid people. The idiots. You know, dumb people. Even the stupidedly <– new word– hey, I can make up a new word, I mean words don’t own me– but back to the stupid: even stupid celebrities– like Brittany Spears and the like. Is there anyone like her? Yep, there’s millions. Scary, huh?

So, we are all about the brainless.

The only good thing about brainless people is that they make the rest of us look good. I feel more intelligent already.

Check back to see when we go live! And feel free to post and share your stupid, brainless people news. We accept the dumbest criminal stories, (real ones, okay) and celebs stories, anything in the news that shares one common denominator– the brainless idiots in the world!


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